Bleaching Teeth

Bleaching Teeth

Today, bleaching teeth is pretty common. People now place a high level of importance on having a dazzling white smile.


One reason for this is that it’s now so accessible. You can visit your dentist for a bleaching as and when you need one and you can even find teeth whitening stores in shopping malls and commercial plazas.

Some view their annual trip to have teeth whitening done as a part of their regular beauty and grooming regimen, seeing it as almost as blasé as as an eyebrow wax (although, much more expensive.)

How White Can You Go?

Some options promise up to eight shades whiter.

How long does it last? Depending on the type of whitening treatment you choose, you may only need it to be done annually. Smoking, coffee-drinking and other tooth-staining habits will impact how long your bleaching will last.

How much does it cost?

The cost will vary but can run from a few hundred dollars to closer to a thousand dollars.

Some people opt for home bleaching kits, which can be quite inexpensive with whitening strips or gels and trays. These may not last as long as laser whitening treatments but due to the dramatically lower cost, may be a better option for you from an accessibility standpoint.

Some would argue that spending $50 on commercial whitening strips sound like less but when you tabulate that as a monthly cost and add it up over a period of a year, it’s really not a bargain compared to bleaching teeth professionally.

Is Bleaching Covered by Insurance?

Generally insurance plans only coverage basic oral hygiene and dental procedures necessary to repair their teeth. Bleaching teeth is not usually covered by insurance, so consult with your individual dental insurance carrier to find out for certain.

Bleaching Tips

Before you have your teeth bleaching done, see your dentist first. Some people opt to go for a bleaching session at a store front when they really should see their dentist first.

Seeing your dentist first to address any issues can maximize the results of the bleaching. The latest in laser whitening isn’t right for everyone. If you have very sensitive teeth, talk to your dentist first about your whitening options as some people with sensitivity may not be a good candidate for the latest technology.