Fertility Tips

Fertility Tips

Getting pregnant after 40 is not impossible, but at the same time it is not always easy. If you and your partner have kept up with their health over the years, then you are more likely to conceive later in life. For instance, someone who is substantially overweight and sedentary will probably have a much harder time than someone who has maintained a healthy weight and remains active. This is just one example of a factor that can determine https://farmaciaespana247.com/ why some find it easier than others to get pregnant after forty.

Tip #1 — Get Healthy!

Good general health does not guarantee or rule out later pregnancy. It is just a contributing factor to consider, and there are many other factors that go along with it. The following tips will give all women some things to consider, as they are general tips that are very helpful when conceiving later in life.

Tip #2 — Avoid Substances Detrimental to Conception

There are some substances that you may be using right now that could hold you back from a healthy pregnancy after forty. The two most common substances are cigarette smoke and caffeine. Both can be detrimental to your efforts at conceiving, so make a pact to give them up together.

If one or both of you are drinking more than the occasional glass of wine, it’s time to cut out alcohol beverages as well. The same goes for any illegal drugs that may be on the scene. You will need to control these things once you have a baby around, anyway.

Tip #3 — Don’t Wait a Year

Many women have heard the general rule that you must have a solid year of actively trying to conceive under your belt before a doctor will consider running infertility tests. This is often the case for younger women, but if you are approaching forty or have already gone over that hill, then you can often get testing completed after just a few months of actively trying to conceive.

Tip #4 — Get Professional Infertility Help Early

Make sure you really are “actively” trying during those three or four months. If you are unsuccessful, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to conceive on your own. It just means you may want to have things checked out and get a professional recommendation.

Tip #5 — Start Vitamins Immediately

Most expectant mothers think of prenatal vitamins only after seeing the pink “positive” on the stick. Since there is a higher risk of birth defects when you are over the age of forty, start taking vitamins while you are trying to conceive. You should at least take a high quality folic acid supplement.

Tip #6 — Buy a Basal Thermometer

Before you get out of bed every morning, you should use a basal thermometer to take your temperature. Charting this over time will tell you whether your menstrual cycles are normal and your ovulation viagra generique cycles are completing successfully. When you notice a slight spike in temperature, ovulation has taken place and you have a very small window where conception is possible.

If you monitor your temperature a couple months and do not notice any change in temperature in the mornings, then you may want to see an infertility specialist. The temperature difference may just be so minor you are missing it, or it could mean you are not having successful ovulations every month. Either way, it is better for older women to see a specialist to figure it out.