Getting Flatter Abs: Things to Avoid

Getting Flatter Abs: Things to Avoid

Doing This Can Make Losing Belly Fat Virtually Impossible!

How does a fantastic toned abdomen with no jigglyabdominal fat seem to you?

Do you imagine yourself finally feeling healthy, confident, and pleased with the way you look regardless of what you’re wearing?

Well all of that can definitely happen! But not by trying to get rid of that stomach fat with these methods!

Fad Diets. Pretty much all these do is deprive your body the food and nutrients it needs to run efficiently. Because your body is not acquiring balanced amounts and types of food from the dieting, it switches into “starvation mode”.

In “starvation mode”, your body starts to use its own muscle for energy rather than using fat, as a nourished body might. If you choose to get off the diet (because you start to feel deprived and unhappy) you will revert back to your old eating habits and gain all the weight back.

You gain the weight again because you have less muscle to burn the calories from all the food you’re now taking in. And because you’ve been starving for all this time, you’re likely to pile on the unhealthy food for old time’s sake. (Comfort food is SUCH the deceitful enemy!)

Do you see how just that on it’s own can make dropping belly fat virtually IMPOSSIBLE?!

Not Building Muscle. As you’ve read, sacrificing muscle tissue can cause extra weight but losing muscle is equivalent to not building any whatsoever.

Having tiny amounts of lean muscle mass for any body type leads to inefficient utilization of calories. Essentially, the food you eat gets stored as fat since there is no lean muscle to fuel.

Lack of muscle also slows down your “Resting Metabolic Rate” (RMR). Your RMR is the daily quantity of calories needed to maintain your body weight. The more lean muscle mass you have, the higher your RMR will be and the more you can “eat what you would like without gaining a pound”. Well, you can’t actually eat “whatever” you want and hope to keep your form, but 1 day of cheating won’t hurt so badly.

So by having a high RMR, you can consume more to fuel your muscles. And by undertaking that, your starving muscles will “eat” more of your stored body fat, even as you sleep! How ’bout that? This may lower your extra fat percentage and display your alluring muscles!

So lacking muscles to feed can be just as damaging to your fat loss plan as going on a fad diet.

If you wish to still have belly fat and the frustration of failing diets, go right along with these 2 activities. But my instinctive speculation is that you do not… this is exactly why you’re here!