How to get rid of a sore throat ?

How to get rid of a sore throat ?

Kids Sore throat is caused by the inflammation of the tissues along the line of the gullet, tonsils or pharynx. Most cases are caused by bacteria or viruses, the tissues along the pharynx are usually affected first. It can also be a symptom of more serious maladies such as mononucleosis, chicken pox, mumps or influenza even measles. A minor case can sometimes develop into colds or cough. The inflammation makes the affected area rough and raw, which makes swallowing unpleasant and painful.

Aroused throats might also be caused by environmental circumstances like exposure to dust mite, air pollution, dry air or allergies. Over use of the voice in a high decibels area or breathing only through the mouth can also dry the throat membranes out – Leading to great suffering. Lets have a look at these kids sore throat cures:

Coat the Throat

A common home remedy for a sore throat has been the principal of coating the throat. It is very simple to implement with kids. Take a sample of margarine or butter and melt it into a clean glass. Then add a minor amount of warm water and mix it with the butter. Then gargle the remedy for a bit and slowly swallow it (you may spit in if you want as long as you gargled for 30 seconds). It may not be the best tasting thing to swallow but it works. This also works with buttermilk. Make sure to gargle several times a day, especially before bedtime.


Statistics have shown that some people have had their sore throat healed by eating a spoon of mustard every 2 hours. If your childs sore throat is disturbing, let him taste the yellow mustard, it has lots of hidden qualities.

Nutrition as a sore throat cure

Particular sustenance like cayenne, turmeric, garlic, ginger and raw pineapple are excellent anti-inflammatory (be careful with the spicy ones) that can help relieve reddish throat. Chicken soup is a renowned remedy for respiratory infections, which helps to thin and evict mucous the infected area.

Different approach

Kids who suffer from this harsh condition are often given with alternative sore throat remedies like yogurt, fruit shakes and smoothies or cool or soft foods in place of traditional medications. These foods have analgesic effects and nutritional benefits to aid the immune system and ward of the bacteria that causes cough and colds.